Episode I

November / December 2008




Back in 1997 the English artist Dan Pearce was invited to do a contemporary take on Oscar Wilde by the editor of Punch, who had seen a factual strip of his inspired by Richard Ellmann’s excellent biography. He liked the suggestion that Oscar could be plucked from Reading Gaol by aliens and returned one hundred years later. However, the following morning, as Dan Pearce set off to sign his contract, he was phoned by Punch with the news that the editor had been sacked and all his projects – including the strip ­  had been cancelled.

It was a blow, but Mr Pearce liked the idea enough to begin to turn it into a graphic novel. Bill Hunter, a website designer, saw it and persuaded him to let him publish it on the internet, as ‘Millennium Man’. After the strip had generated quite a bit of interest in Germany and Japan and attracted a small but select fan club, the website was discontinued and with it the serial.  However, the fan club included Danielle Guerin, one of the founder members of the Société Oscar Wilde in France, who was able to contact Mr Pearce and ask if he would be willing to have the strip published in Rue des Beaux-Arts, the Society’s bulletin which she edits. 

Mr Pearce kindly consented and the first pages appeared in French translation by Madame Guérin in the issue of Rue des Beaux-Arts for November 2008 (no. 17).  We now begin serialisation in THE OSCHOLARS of the English version.  Both French and English versions will continue the strip (now rechristened as Oscar Wilde’s Second Coming and Oscar Wilde: La Resurrection) with new episodes specially drawn for them by Mr Pearce.  Now read on...


To be continued/...

© Dan Pearce 1997-2008

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